BC Christian Academy

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An excellent way for anyone to help our school to raise the funds, items and volunteers that it needs, is to support our events.  Events are a fun and effective way for our school community to get together and support each other.

BCCA runs a variety of events that you are welcome to join.  Some of these are open houses, luncheons,  Read-A-Thons, Legacy Builders’ Breakfast and more. This helps BC Christian academy continue to be one of the top Vancouver and BC Christian schools as well as one of the best private schools in BC.

Another way to contribute is to help with the organization and running of an event.   We can always use more help and appreciate it very much!  You can find out what events are coming up by going to the calendar.  Also get on Twitter with us to be kept up to date.

Team-Effort-School-Events-300x150To see how you can be involved, Contact our office at: 604-941-8426

Or email: marketing@bcchristianacademy.ca

Thanks for working with us to grow our kids in Christ!

NOTE: There will be a list of events on this page for those who are interested in supporting an event. Please check back soon.