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As you have already realized, there are a variety of ways to give to organizations such as BC Christian Academy.  Some methods are creative and designed for a specific type of donor who has unique circumstances and requirements in giving.  Donating using an endowment is such a method.

When someone donates an endowment, it is an asset that has ongoing giving potential due to its financial makeup.  It is commonly an investment fund or another type of property.  The endowment is given for a specific purpose designated clearly by the donor.  For example, the donor may desire the proceeds to be used for Bibles, computers, books or other study aids.  Or maybe, the giver would like to have it used for paying partial or full tuition for students from impoverished families.  It is up to the donor to decide.

The ongoing giving aspect from the donation usually comes in the form of dividends or interest from the donated asset, while the principal asset remains intact.  Although this is normal, endowments can be flexible in design, so the donor can give instructions to also have portions of the principal asset, in addition to the returns, to be given over time until the asset is used up.

An endowment is ideal for the person who is keen on sowing long term into the Kingdom (often continuing after death), especially in the noble cause of supporting children with a good Christian education.  So, maybe you are in a blessed position and you have a rental property that you don’t need, or stocks, bonds, or other investments that could be used as an endowment gift to BC Christian Academy.  Please pray about it. Your partnership in providing students with excellent Christian education is much appreciated.

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