BC Christian Academy

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Short / Long-Term Vision

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Short and Long Term Vision

The Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee are working hard at putting long-range plans in place for the school.   The vision for the school is to build a modern dual-track school (2 classes per grade) from Jr. K – 12, which has the capability of servicing up to 600 students.  In addition, the school will have a full-service, modern, Kids Club Center supporting parents’ needs, including Infant/ Toddler Care, Out-of-School Care, and Daycare.

As the school expands, more educational programs will be launched.   Students will continue to be grounded in God’s Word, coming to a clear understanding of their purpose as God’s creation – viewing the world from a Christian Perspective. The Missions’ Program will also be expanded to allow our students to have annual trips to various countries throughout the world.

The goal of all these expansion activities has the central purpose of building a strong community of families where Community, Compassion, and Christ are at the forefront of everything we do.