BC Christian Academy

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Extracurricular Programs

The faculty, staff, and parents at BC Christian Academy believe that God has provided all our students with amazing talents in so many different areas.   We realize that not all of these talents can be taught and nurtured in the classroom environment.  Therefore, extracurricular activities fulfill an important role in helping our children develop their gifts and talents to their full potential in order to give praise and glory to our Creator.

We take this very seriously and, as a result, have developed numerous extracurricular activities which not only provide some exciting events for our students, but they also have proven to be very important in strengthening our entire school community.  Consequently, students, staff, faculty and parents have gotten to know each other better as they fellowship together during these events.

Some examples of the extracurricular activities BC Christian Academy has had are violin club, handbell choir, ultimate frisbee, camp retreats, ski trips, drama club, yearbook club, chess club, and athletics programs.   Each year the faculty, staff and parents look at different ways we can partner together to offer different activities for the students.  Without such a fabulous group of volunteers, we would not be able to offer such a wide arrange of activities for our students.   They are such a blessing to the school, and the high school students are immensely appreciative of the opportunities in which they are able to participate.