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Community Outreach

As Christians we feel God has blessed us abundantly and therefore we are called to reach out to one another, to the larger community, and to the world, in a way that reflects Christ’s love. All BCCA students are involved in: caring for our local community, preparing Christmas hampers for the needy, “Operation Christmas Child” (Samaritan’s Purse), learning to care for our family members, and helping the aged and infirm. Senior High School students have the opportunity to be involved in a missions trip in a developing country.

Community Outreach Day

Once a year as a whole school we get out into our community to make a difference. We have volunteered at local thrift stores, non-profit societies and city projects, among other things. This year we are looking to expand and are seeking new opportunities in which to be involved. Please contact Cristian Cretu for more information.

“Thank you so very, very much. We are truly blessed in receiving such kindness and generosity, and the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.”
Joni Mitchell – Network for Animals

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Christmas Shoe Box Program

Operation Christmas Child

Yearly, all grades get involved in participating in this mission outreach of collecting donations for Operation Christmas Child. The shoe boxes are sent to children in war-torn and poverty stricken continents such as Africa, Europe, and South America.

High School Missions Trips

BCCA senior high school students have the opportunity to be part of a mission team and become ambassadors for Christ in another country.

On these trips, many students are pushed outside their comfort zone by doing physical labour and ministering to people they visit. They in turn are blessed by the friendly openness and care from people in other countries.

2012 Costa Rica Trip

BCCA had a team going to Costa Rica over Spring Break 2012 to help the native Bri Bri people trench and lay a kilometer of pipe for clean drinking water to their school. The students also connected with the kids from the church there and lead singing and craft time with them.

2011 Mexico Trip

Missions Team went to Mexico to help orphans at the Children’s Village in Uruapan.

Ministry Outreach

British Columbia Christian Academy students have many different opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus to people in their community and abroad. Students are involved in community events such as senior citizen outreach and cleanup days removing litter in the neighbourhood. In addition, our high school students minister to and serve food to those in need. The students also sponsor children from different countries in Primary, Intermediate, and High School. Loving God and loving people is an important part of student life.

Christian Children Fund

World Vision Canada