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Role of the Board of Directors – Part 1

Parents often wonder what the board members of a Christian school do. No doubt many parents would be hard pressed to identify all of the tasks that board members are involved in. Over the next four or five Board Newsletters, information will be shared in order to inform you what it means to be a board member. Much of the information has been taken from the book, Serving God On The Christian School Board by Roy W. Lowrie, Jr., ACSI 1998 (Revised).


Being A Board Member Of A Christian School

  • A Christian school is a spiritual organization where the Spirit of God ministers and decisions are spiritually discerned.
  • Board members view the school through the Christian lens.
  • The Christian school centres on God, the Bible and working of the Holy Spirit. It exists to proclaim the Lordship of Christ in all areas of life.
  • The Bible is the authoritative Word of God and is the basis for teaching from a Christian perspective.
  • Board members are committed Christians, who have committed their lives to God, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and follow God’s teachings in decisions they make.
  •  Board members realize that Christian education not only prepares students for life but also for eternal life (life with God after death).
  • Christian education has a value system based on the Bible that is worthwhile, valuable and good. There are no secular subjects and the curriculum revolves around the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible and Christian thinking are the basis of all areas of the curriculum. The Bible is viewed as central to life.
  • B.C.C.A. board members serve a term which consists initially of 3 years, plus another 2 years and then 1 additional year.
  • Board members of a Christian school need to display the following qualities:
    • honesty -board members must act with honesty in all school business
    • loyalty – board members must work in the interest of the school and avoid any conflict of interest with the school
    • care -board members must display a duty of care which involves acting with prudence (common sense, to act carefully and cautiously) and diligence (general knowledge/informed)
    • skill -board members should bring a level of experience to the board that will benefit and assist the whole board in their task.


The Bible And Prayer In The Board Meetings  

  • Since the Bible is central to the Christian school it is also significant to the Board. It plays a central part in all the decisions that are made. Board members need to read and understand the Bible and view it as their final rule of faith and practice. Members need to apply it to the business of the school.
  • Board members participate in sharing a devotion at the start of meetings and are involved in the meeting prayer time.
  • Board members must know that the Bible is crucial to understanding God’s direction as they are tasked to think and act from a biblical viewpoint.
  • Because the Christian school seeks to follow God’s leading, it is important for board members to pursue personal holiness and being obedient to the Lord. This is an important prerequisite for serving on the board.
  • Spiritually mature people play an important role on the board in applying the Scriptures; in praying for the school, families and students; in being confidential with information; in sharing wisdom in discussions and in seeking God’s will on matters.