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Role of the Board of Directors – Part 2


In the September Board Newsletter, you were given some of the tasks that board members perform under the headings of Being A Board Member Of A Christian School and The Bible And Prayer In The Board Meeting. In this Newsletter, the selection of board members is presented. A number of items also identify the character or qualities board members should possess as well as tasks they are responsible for in representing God and the parents on the board. Being a board member is a high calling of service. This information is taken from the book, Serving God On The Christian School Board by Roy W. Lowrie, Jr., ACSI 1998 (Revised).


Selecting Board Members

  •  The quality of the school is often the result of the quality of the board and the administration.
  •  The main task of the board is making/setting sound policy.
  •  The functioning of the board tends to touch everyone involved in the school.
  •  In most cases members work behind the scenes.
  •  Wisdom is a critical quality in order to formulate the best decisions.
  •  A spiritually mature member will apply scriptural principles to Christian school matters when formulating policies.
  •  The board-administrative relationship is significant in developing a quality school.
  •  Financial management is one of the key roles of the board and members must understand their fiscal responsibilities.
  •  Board members are responsible for both the short and long term planning for the school.
  •  Board members must have the ability to discern God’s will, timing, and direction for the school.
  •  Foresight and common sense are required to enhance the reputation and view of the school.
  •  The qualities the board looks for in members can be found in I Timothy 3, Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. These are necessary qualities so parents can respect and have confidence in the board members.
  • Board members must believe that the school is of God, desire to serve God, and agree with the school’s statement of faith and purpose.
  • It is desirable to have members with different occupations in order to be a balanced board. Members should be educationally oriented in order to make decisions based on education and ministry.
  • Board members need to be independent thinkers and be willing to share in meetings what God has laid on their hearts as well as being willing to work harmoniously as a team.
  • The B.C.C.A. board size is 9-12 members with members rotating off every three years.