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Letter from our Board Chair – September 2014



As the Board of Directors meet and work on behalf of the school there are many items of business that require our attention and deliberation. As we go through this  school year, prayer will play a significant role in dealing with school business. Nehemiah is a wonderful example of a follower of God who prayed often.

In Chapter one of Nehemiah, the stage is quickly set for this godly man to be in prayer. The time of year was the month of Kislev (December) and Nehemiah, exiled in Babylon, received a status report about Jerusalem. The city wall was destroyed and the gates burned down. This sad news greatly disturbed Nehemiah. Verse four indicates that he mourned, fasted and prayed for some days. We are given the privilege to read the prayer he shared with God. It is a prayer worth studying. He praised God, there was confession for sin on the part of the Israelites, himself and his family, he reviewed instruction that Moses received regarding the obedience of the nation and he concluded by praying for success in what he would be doing.

When we pray, we recognize that it is a time of waiting upon God. Prayer enables us to clear our thoughts, hopefully see things clearer, and put things in perspective. Prayer is a time of focusing on God and encourages us to put our trust in Him. Before we pray it is simply us dealing with issues but as we pray, God is invited to join and assist us. Then God is with us! No doubt this is what Nehemiah experienced.

The first five words of Chapter two state that the time is now the month of Nisan (April). It is probable that Nehemiah had been praying and seeking God during this four month period (December-April).

As we read Chapter 2:1-9, we soon recognize that God had prepared Nehemiah and had also worked in King Artaxerxes. It was through prayer that Nehemiah was able to have the conversation with the King and answer the questions the King raised.

During the four months of praying, God was formulating a plan in Nehemiah (see verse 12). We are reminded of God’s provision as we prayerfully plan. Proverbs 16:9 states “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

For Nehemiah to give on-the-spot answers to the King, he had to have thought and planned while praying. The Lord directed Nehemiah’s steps. While planning, Nehemiah identified possible hurdles and with God’s help worked through them. For four months he prayed and planned.

In verse nine, we read that the King sent officers and cavalry with Nehemiah. This was more than he had asked for. This protection was a gracious act by the King whose heart was in God’s hands.

This year we will continue praying as well as focusing on planning. The two go together. The Board will be praying and planning for: a property/facility, the finances, programs that will emphasize spiritual and academic development that benefit the students, implementing the strategic plan, and “getting our house in order” (Board Handbook, committees and responsibilities, and a Business Plan). As a Board we need to have answers and anticipate what we need to be working on.  With prayer and planning we will see things happen as we trust in God and as He guides us. Join with the Board in praying for the school and the items we must plan for. We covet your prayer support to know what God wants us to attend to. Then may we join with Nehemiah and be able to say, “… what my God had put in my heart to do …” (Neh. 2:12(b)). Under God’s direction, BCCA will move forward. To God be the glory!


bob white

Bob White

Board  Chair