BC Christian Academy

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Our Team

We are very proud of and thankful for our people!  We are a special community woven closely together from many circles of age, culture, geography, experience and financial means. Our people share the same cause: to equip our students to impact the world through excellence in learning, aiming at personal growth using their God-given talents. Our backgrounds, common purpose and community spirit help us all grow together with synergy.

We are thankful for the international and local students who add great flavour to our mix with the different cultures and experiences they share.

We are grateful for parents who are sacrificially committed to quality Christian education and high Bible standards; who believe in instilling values that will last for eternity.

We are indebted to grandparents and other volunteers who contribute their time unselfishly to further our school mission and empower the students to achieve their goals.

We are thankful for the many skilled and caring teachers along with our principals who teach and lead students with passion rather than just fulfilling a duty.

We are blessed by our board members who use diligence, wisdom and their time to provide the best education for our students with the resources they manage.

We are humbled by our donors whose investment allows us to keep tuition at reasonable rates and help provide for the extra-curricular activities such as sports, field trips, concerts and plays. They also provide capital costs for building upkeep and learning tools such as computers. These are vital contributions for our children’s growth.

Our alumni who stay connected to our group and encourage those who follow in their footsteps are much appreciated.

And we are especially thankful for the greatest of all persons – Jesus, who gives us the opportunity for eternal abundant life through His model of love and humility.

Our people have the same love for God and pursuit of learning excellence regardless of their age, gender, race or country of origin.