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Head Principal’s Message


Ian Jarvie - Head Principal

Ian Jarvie – Head Principal

At British Columbia Christian Academy, we are a community of families that support one another through the challenges of raising our children in today’s world. More than ever, we need to build strong resiliency in our children, in order for them to cope in an ever-challenging world.

As Christians, we need to teach our children about the absolute truths taught in the Bible, that there is a right and a wrong!

At BCCA, we want to work on developing your children’s strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. We want them to achieve all that God would have them achieve. To do this, BCCA’s dedicated faculty strives to get to know each and every child personally so that we can touch their lives and assist them to grow in the strengths that God has given them.

I hope that you enjoy viewing our website. You will see that BCCA has much to celebrate and offer. If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please feel free to contact my Administrative Assistant, Peck Lim, at any time.

Mr. Ian Jarvie
Head Principal