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BC Christian Academy

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K-12 Long-Term International Programs

International-K-12-ProgramBC Christian Academy first began its International Program in 1992, to allow students to experience another culture while receiving a high quality education.  Our world is becoming increasingly smaller and it is now more important than ever to break through the cultural barriers that separate our nations.  Today’s students will play important roles as leaders of tomorrow.

Our International Program was developed to allow students to experience another culture while receiving a holistic and high quality education. We focus on helping students grow and succeed through academic achievements, sporting excellence, character building, fine arts aspirations and missions and community service.  Students who need additional exposure to the English language are placed in small English preparatory classes to accelerate their English proficiency.  As soon as they are ready, they will join the regular class program in their respective academic grade level.

Depending on the various needs and requirements, International students can choose from our wide ranging International Study Programs:

  • Elementary School
    At these levels the curriculum provides opportunities for the children to develop at an optimum rate academically. Our small teacher-student ratio allows for individualized attention as the child begins to develop interest in reading and writing as well as concepts and ideas with Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  For more information please contact the office.
  • High School
    BCCA’s High School curriculum is aligned with the British Columbia Ministry of Education Diploma Graduation Program. Grade 12 students will be awarded the High School Dogwood Diploma if they fulfill the requirements of the graduation program. For more information please contact the office.
  • Short Term/Winter ESL School  (Integrated ESL Program)
    Students looking for opportunities to experience studying in a Canadian School can choose to be enrolled for as short as one month and up to a period of six months, studying the English Language in an accelerated program.  This is a unique integrated program where students get the opportunity to be immersed in the regular class room programs for part of the time and be taught intensive ESL (English as second language) for the other half of the school hours.
  • Summer ESL Program (customizable with group application)
    Study Tours have become an integral part of learning in many schools around the world.  Learning is no longer restricted to within the four walls of the classroom or even within the country. BCCA Summer ESL Program is designed to combine both ESL learning and field trip activities, creating a positive experiential learning experience which will be etched in your memories for a long time. This program is customizable according to your preference and is dependent on the group size and age of the participants.  A parent participation program can also be included upon request.

Computer-ClassAt British Columbia Christian Academy, we strive to keep low numbers from any one country so that students can maximize their English development.  Students are introduced and make friends with not only those from the Canadian culture, but also from cultures from many countries throughout the world.  In addition, they will learn what it is like to be part of a safe, caring and loving Christian environment where all people are treasured as God’s creation.

BCCA Homestay Program

Host Families are carefully selected by our dedicated Homestay Coordinator, ensuring our International Students are provided with a safe and comfortable family environment.  Host Families must fulfill a set of stringent criteria before being accepted to host any students in our community.

BCCA Homestay Program offers a rich and rewarding immersive homestay experience for both the Students and Homestay Hosts, sharing cultural experiences and information with each other.  All students are placed in English speaking homes where they get ample opportunities to interact and converse in English, hence improving their grasp of the English language very quickly. (At the request of parents, BCCA can also provide homestay families of similar cultural background as the student).

Every month, a comprehensive report is prepared and sent to the student’s parents overseas or to their guardians.  At BCCA, we make the well-being of our International Students our top priority!

To read our International Program brochure in Chinese, click here.