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BC Christian Academy

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International Admissions Documents

Thank you for your interest in our International Student Program! Please contact the office if you have any questions at all about filling in the below forms.  To review our admissions procedures click here..

Program Application Forms

K-12 International Re-Registration
K – 12 Academic Program – International

For Winter/Short Term Program and the Summer ESL Program please contact the administration office for inquiries and application forms.

Home Stay Forms

Student Home Stay Application
Home Stay Agreement – Long Term
Home Stay Agreement – Short Term

Other Forms

Wire Transfer Process
Guardian Forms

Please note: the below forms are now included within the full K-12 International program application form (same as above). You can find them at the referenced page numbers:

Legal Residency Forms: Page 11
Medical Forms: Page 12
Fee Schedule – International: Page 8

Looking for local admissions documents? Click here.