BC Christian Academy

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Wire Transfer Payment Process (International)

  • Student tuition and/or fees may be electronically transferred to British Columbia Christian Academy, but the student should be advised that, aside from the initial bank, the receiving bank may impose service charges and additional handling charges.

    Please note: All payments are to be made in Canadian Funds

    The Wire Transfer MUST include the following information:
  • Beneficiary Name

    British Columbia Christian Academy Society
  • Banking Details

    The Royal Bank of Canada
    2885 Barnet Highway
    Coquitlam, B.C.,
    V3B – 1C1

    Phone: (604) 927-5555
  • Swift Code

  • Student name must be included in the wire transfer information for proper processing of your payment.

    Please confirm payment via email to rshen@bcchristianacademy.ca and include the student’s full name and address.
  • If any questions, contact:

    Jen Argueta
    Finance Assistant
    (604) 941-8426
    Ext. 232
  • _

    Rosie Shen
    Business Admin
    (604) 941-8426
    Ext. 233