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Tuition Agreement


    1. 1. In making this application, I/we understand and agree with the purpose of British Columbia Christian Academy (BCCA) as set out in the handbook, and acknowledge that I am applying to enroll my child because of my earnest desire that he/she receives a Christ-centred education.

      2. I/We understand that all tuition payments and fees are due at the beginning of each school year. If payments are made monthly, it is due on the first of the month. A late fee of $50 will be assessed on any tuition payments received after the tenth of the month.

      3. I/We understand that monthly tuition payments, will be paid by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and the tuition amount will be automatically deducted from my/our bank account on the first of each month.

      4. I/We understand that any dishonored (returned) payment must be paid promptly with a service charge of $45 and late fees, if applicable.

      5. I/We understand that if my/our account is in arrears greater than 90 days, the matter will be reviewed by the Tuition Committee and the BCCA board which may result in your child(ren) from being permitted to continue attending BCCA until suitable payment arrangements are made.

      6. I/We understand when a student voluntarily withdraws from the school for any reason, two months written notice must be given. In lieu of notice, a one-month tuition payment is due and payable to the school.

      7. I/We understand that if we have any tuition fees or any other fees still outstanding as at June 30th of the school year, my/our family may be placed on the waiting list of the school regardless of whether I/we have re-registered for the next school year.

      8. I/Weunderstandthatreportcards/transcriptsand/oryearbookofstudentsowingtuitionattheend of the school year may be held back until all fees are paid. In addition, no senior student will be permitted to attend graduation exercises or receive a diploma unless the family’s tuition payments are up to date.

      9. I/We understand that continued failure to meet the above stated obligations or agreements with the Business Administrator ON TIME will result in Board action to consider refusal of enrollment for subsequent years.

      10.I/We understand when a student is expelled or withdrawn at the recommendation of the school; tuition for the full month will be due up to and including the month of expulsion or withdrawal.

      11. I/We understand that all unpaid tuition accounts from past years are still due to British Columbia Christian Academy, and failure to pay any fees by the due date may result in late fees and/or other penalties, including collection and legal fees.

    I/We the undersigned solemnly declare that we have read and understood the policies and conditions relating to tuition and fee payments as described above. By signing below, I/we accept full responsibility for the payment of all tuition and student fees.
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