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Short Term Home Stay Agreement

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  • Host Family Responsibilities

    1. Each adult member of the Host Family living at home will undergo a Criminal Record Check.

    2. In the event the Host Family is away from home during the Student’s stay, the Host Family will make arrangements for someone to perform the obligations under this agreement during their absence. This person must also undergo a Criminal Record Check and be approved by the Homestay Coordinator.

    3. The Host Family will notify the homestay coordinator immediately of any additional student or guest living at the home. The Host Family cannot host two students of the opposite sex. The Host Family agrees not to host students from any other school or organization while hosting BCCA students. BCCA reserves the right to limit the number of International Students a Host Family may have at any one time.

    4. The Host Family will provide a clean and safe environment within the home. The Host Family will not require the Student to baby-sit or do housework other than from keeping his/her room and bathroom clean.

    5. The Host Family will provide basic furniture, which includes a bed, closet, desk or study table, chair, and good lighting in a separate room designated for the Student.

    6. The Host Family will provide three healthy meals a day. An evening meal will be prepared for the Student. The evening meal can be left for the Student if he/she comes home late from school or if the Host Family is not home.

    7. If the Host Family feels it necessary, they may provide the Student with a key to the house.

    8. The Host Family will arrange for transportation to and from B.C. Christian Academy for the Student.

    9. The Host Family will bring the Student to church every Sunday.

    10. The Host Family will make an effort to show the Student some local places of interest and include the Student in the family’s activities for the duration of the Student’s stay.

    11. The Host Family will contact the Homestay Coordinator immediately if difficulties arise and work with the Homestay Coordinator towards resolving any issues.