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Faith & Work Conference Success Thank You

Dear BCCA Community,

We owe our deepest and foremost gratitude to God for graciously carrying us through our first-ever Faith and Work Conference held last Saturday, May 4th at the Executive Hotel Plaza in Coquitlam. 

It was, according to the 146 attendees who gave their time and resources to participate, a very successful and highly-organized event. 

We wish to acknowledge and appreciate all the Dignitaries including the Conservative Representative Nicholas Insley who delivered the Congratulatory Remarks on behalf of Senator Yonah Martin (she was unfortunately not feeling well hence unable to attend), Ed Sem from the Office of the SenatorMP Ron McKinnon and wife Christine McKinnonPort Coquitlam Mayor Brad West and Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart.  They all have honored us with their presence and have stayed longer than expected. 

“A great conference!” – Mayor Richard Stewart

“Thank you so very much for allowing me to attend and speak today on behalf of the Conservative Party.   It was truly wonderful to see the leadership on display by the Academy and our community is better off for the work you’re doing to develop the next generation. However, most impressively, it was a delight to meet some of the young people you’re developing into Christian leaders. I pray that they will take the values and learning they have gained from their time at the Academy and carry it forward into university and the workplace. “ – Nicholas Insley on behalf of the Senator Yonah Martin

“I had a great day and I learned a lot! It was a great event! Thank you again!”  – Christine McKinnon, wife of MP Ron McKinnon  (She stayed till the end of the conference to finish all the presentations even when MP Ron McKinnon had to leave earlier for another engagement.)

We also would like to give special thanks to our 5 amazing keynote speakers Russ Swaim, Elaine Tan-Comeau, Marcus Wong, Tamara Jansen and Dr. R. Paul Stevens.  Their talks and presentations were all heartfelt, inspiring and equally motivating.  They all helped make our inaugural conference so worthwhile.

“Thank you for having me as one of your keynote speakers.  It was an honour and a blessing to be a part of your event.  Congratulations on a successful inaugural event!  May the Lord bless you and BC Christian Academy.  You will all be in my prayers.” – Elaine Tan-Comeau 

“It was a delight to participate. “ – Dr. R. Paul Stevens

“It was an honour to participate. Thank you for considering me.”   – Tamara Jansen

We also value our relationship with the Executive Plaza Hotel staff who again helped us host this event.   We also appreciate all of our SPONSORS, exhibitors, and volunteers (staff, teachers, parents and students) who partnered with us this year.  And to our Advancement and Development committee along with our Local Business Team who contributed their outstanding efforts to put together our first-ever business leadership conference–we thank you all. This conference would not have been a success without all of you.

Finally, we want to say thank you, BCCA community, for praying with and for us, and for thoughtfully supporting us in this new undertaking and faith-stretching journey.   We continue to covet your prayers for wisdom on how to move forward next year, but more so to faithfully live out our conference theme of intentionally “Integrating our Faith Into Our Daily Grind!”  We praise and thank God for everything! 

With sincere gratitude,

Marketing & Development Assistant | BC Christian Academy

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