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BC Christian Academy

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Uniform & Gym Strip

Student Uniform Code

A uniform ceases to be a uniform when all students in the school do not meet the established requirements. It is very important that these uniform policies are enforced. When representing the school in the community it is important that all students wear the required BCCA uniform. It is vital to our image in the community. Our daily uniform must be worn in the classroom and to and from school. The gym uniform must be worn for P.E.and athletic events.

A few general guidelines for proper school dress suggest that clothing be modest, neat, clean, steward-like and appropriate for the occasion. Students are encouraged to use good taste and judgement in their mode of dress and grooming. Standards of dress present our persons and Christianity to the community. But a style of dress and grooming becomes unacceptable when it threatens decency or when it becomes a distraction in the classroom. The principal is authorized to rule on what is unacceptable in regards to hairstyles, jewellery, make-up and clothing.

Uniform Options & Policy

ALL GRADE LEVELS: Students in high school are required to wear the full dress uniform which includes the V-neck sweater or cardigan. In winter an additional outer jacket may be worn, but should not replace the wearing of the sweater. Vest is optional for casual wear only.

IN WARM WEATHER: Students may wear all black (non-patterned) walking style shorts with cuff, white short-sleeved shirt, (with collars and buttons all the way down the front of the shirt) or the uniform polo shirt; all of which are available at Neat Uniforms. All shoes should be dress style.

Note: The length of the shorts must be modest (shorts must not be below the knee for boys, and no shorter than 1”above the knee for girls).

It is expected that the complete school uniform be worn to and from school, and while on campus. Students are NOT permitted to change into “street clothes” while they remain on campus.

GYM STRIP: All grades are expected to wear the proper gym strip during PE class. This includes the gym shirt; shorts and sweatshirt sporting the BCCA crest. The tracksuit is mandatory for grades 8-12. Students should purchase several pairs of white ankle socks to wear with their PE uniform. Gym strip must be purchased through the school. Students who choose not to adhere to the expectations of the school uniform policy will be fined and/or sent

Girls should particularly note the expectations regarding skirt / kilt length.

Students must wear the proper B.C.C.A. uniform. White golf shirts not purchased from the uniform store and without the BCCA logo are not acceptable. Students may not wear shirts other than approved uniform shirts under their sweaters. Additional items such as scarves around the neck are not permitted. Shirts are to be tucked in neatly and if the student fails to comply and has repeated uniform infractions, it will result in suspension. Boys may not wear earrings to school. Girls may wear earrings but they are to be small and tasteful. Hair is not to be coloured outlandishly or worn in an unacceptable fashion. Hair should be neat and tidy and for the male students, the hair must not touch the shirt collar. Violation of any of these dictates will result in warnings and ultimately suspension for failing to comply.

Purchase Your Uniforms Now

If you haven’t bought them yet, you are strongly encouraged to make your purchases as soon as possible due to limited stock at the store.  And if you need medium or large-sized cardigans or long-sleeved Polo-T, there is still a limited stock for sale at the Christmas Way Campus. Purchase your BCCA uniform from Neat Uniforms at their store in Burnaby or order online at (Note: Bravo Apparel is no longer supplying BBCA uniform at their store in Surrey or online.)

Uniform Requirements


  • Black Twill Dress Pants (No denim)
  • Crested Polo Shirt (short or long sleeves)
  • Maroon V-neck Pullover Sweater / Cardigan (Vest is optional in addition to a sweater)
  • Black Dress Socks
  • All Black Dress Shoes (no buckles), able to polished
  • No Boots (or shoes with any slogans or writing or buckles)

Note to All Boys:
Junior Boys – Twill dress pants must be full length, in good condition. Baggy pants are not acceptable. No denim.


  • Tunics (K-5)
  • Skirts (6-7)
  • Plaid Kilt 9 (8-12)
  • Modesty shorts
  • Crested Polo Shirt (short or long sleeves)
  • Maroon V-neck Pullover Sweater, or Cardigan (Vest is optional for casual wear only)
  • Black Knee High Socks or Black tights
  • All Black Dress Shoes able to be polished
  • No Boots or shoes with any slogans or writing. (Max 2” heel)

** In cold weather, girls are permitted to wear the uniform dark grey pants to school. These days will be determined by the school.

Note to all girls:
Skirts and kilts must be no shorter than 1” above the top of the knee. Modesty shorts should be worn under uniform.


Grades K-2: Gym Strip not mandatory

Grade 3 – 7: BCCA Grey T-shirt, Burgundy BCCA Girl or Boy Shorts & BCCA Grey Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Grades 8-12: BCCA Grey T-shirt, Burgundy BCCA Girl or Boy Shorts & BCCA Grey Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

All Grades: White Socks only

All Grades: Non-marking runners/Gym Shoes, White socks only

*Gym strip is purchased through the school. Students must replace lost strip immediately and should label all items to avoid this.

Grade 3-12 students are expected to change into their PE uniform for gym and then back into their formal school uniform after gym.



Girls: Uniform dark grey pants to school

(April – October 1st)

Boys: Black walking shorts with cuff

Girls: Black shorts with cuff

Please be sure and label each individual item of clothing worn to school for ease of identification. Lost items must be reported to teachers with a note when items will be replaced.

Uniforms Can Be Purchased Directly From:

Neat Uniforms Co.
School Uniform Specialists
1050 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC V5K 4T3

Tel: 1-800-668-8261

Tuesday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.