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BC Christian Academy

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BC Christian Academy Handbooks

BC Christian Academy Handbook

Our administration has put together detailed documents for both Elementary School (Kindergarten – Grade 7) as well as High School (Grades 8-12).Please read the appropriate Handbook to familiarize yourself with the important information contained in it so you can maximize your time spent with BC Christian Academy.  They are compilations of standards, guidelines, regulations, and procedures that are vital for the operation of a successful school, while it also provides students with a guide to take advantage of the opportunity for an excellent education.

The handbooks also include a variety of items that will provide you with best practices in communication, scheduling, student behaviour and more. The history, values and goals of BC Christian Academy are also covered in the handbook.

Download a copy of the appropriate handbook here:

High School Handbook 2016-2017 – Update Coming Soon!

Elementary Handbook 2018-2019