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BC Christian Academy

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Parent Communication Team

Parent-Communication-Team-300x287In an effort to provide an intentional means by which the parents of BC Christian Academy could communicate needs, concerns, ideas and wishes to the administration of the Academy, the Parent Communication Team was formed by the administration in December, 2012.

The Communication Team now continues to meet on a monthly basis on the 1st Friday of every month. Based upon their prior active involvement, visibility and availability, one parent from each grade is selected by the teachers and administration to serve as their class’ representative on the Communication Team. Agenda items from these 13 parents are then solicited to be put on the agenda for the monthly meeting. A draft of the agenda is circulated amongst the 13 prior to the meeting date, and it is then finalized a few days before the meeting.

The monthly meeting occurs shortly after drop-off of their children in the morning, and everyone is assured that every meeting will be no longer than one hour. To accomplish this, many of the agenda items as possible are addressed and any that aren’t addressed are carried over to the following month’s meeting. A designated secretary takes minutes of the meeting, and these are sent out to the 13 team reps following the meeting. These minutes are then distributed by e-mail by the 13 to the families of their respective classes.

It is a very simple and efficient system by which parents are received, heard, and respected, while giving the administration a tangible means by which to know the climate of the Academy.