BC Christian Academy

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Letter to Parents – Jr. K-7

Current-BCCA-SchoolGreetings and blessings to all of you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  At BCCA we desire to be used by God to facilitate growth within each student in the following areas: moral character, spiritual, academic, fine arts, physical fitness and service to others. Our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing, and safe environment, which will best facilitate the Spirit’s work in allowing each child to realize their full learning potential. We desire that your child will develop an awe and wonder of God, while simultaneously being confronted by their fallen condition and, therefore, their need for Jesus Christ to become both their Saviour and Lord.

Evaluation of your child’s learning and character is ongoing throughout the year and progress reports are issued three times per year. However, should you need to speak with your child’s teacher before reports are issued, we welcome and encourage you to schedule an appointment through the office or by email directly with the teacher.

Parents are encouraged to become a greater part of their child’s education by serving our school community. In fact, BCCA depends upon willing parents who graciously give of their time to the school. We ask you to prayerfully consider how you can assist. Despite the busyness of the beginning of the school year, please make every effort to attend the BCCA Parent Information meeting, which occurs before the end of September. At this meeting, families new to the Academy will find out what will be happening during the year, meet their child’s teacher and learn about the educational program in which their child will participate.

Thank you very much for the honour and privilege afforded us by your choice to have BCCA partner with you and your church to educate your most prized gift from God – your child. May we together “delight in the Lord” as we point the children toward Him and experience His goodness and faithfulness as we seek to honour and serve Him this year.