BC Christian Academy

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Letter to Parents – High School 8-12

We have a very exciting and vibrant high school and it is such a blessing to be able to serve the families at the high school level.

As our mission statement encourages us to do, God has called us to work with the family to offer an education to our students that is Bible-based and Christ-centered.  It is to give inspiration for a pursuit of excellence for growth in spiritual matters, moral character, service to others, physical fitness, academics and fine arts. This is indeed what we strive to do at the high school level.

We recognize that God has given authority of raising children to the parents.  BC Christian Academy comes alongside our families to support the values taught in the home.   We will work together, to discern the teachings God has provided us throughout the Bible.   It is such a blessing to be in unity around the central doctrines taught in scripture.  What a peace of mind one can have to know that the school their child attends reflects the teachings that families desire for their children.

Please feel free to contact the principal or teachers at any time.  You don’t need to wait for a reporting period to do this.  Our teaching staff will check emails daily and will be happy to respond to any questions or comments you may have.

For your peace of mind, we are using an online reporting system called MyEducationBC.  You and your child can access these reports anytime via the Internet.   The students’ marks are constantly being updated through the month and assignments and important notices posted.

For our new families, we have a parent information night towards the end of September when you will learn about all the inner-workings of the school from the principals.  It is a good night where you can ask your questions face-to-face and get to know some of the other new families that have joined the school.

We consider it an honour to be able to serve the families at BCCA and value this opportunity to be able to partner with you, and your church, in order to raise your child to help impact the world for Jesus.  God bless you as you take on the very challenging, yet rewarding role, of parenting your child.