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Seven Pillars Report

Since September board members have been working on nine goals dealing with the Seven Pillars that have been established for BCCA.

This report briefly explains how the board is doing in completing the nine goals at this point in the year. Thus, this is like a mid-year report.



Develop a website to share information with parents and people seeking information about the school.

The website is almost ready with some final “kinks” being worked out.



Once all research is completed, plan for and negotiate an offer of purchasing school property.

This goal is being worked on and will be on-going for some time. At this time, it is difficult to tell if this goal will be completed by June.


3a. Programs

Provide funds for additional professional development and the implementation of the initial steps of the Mastery Program.

This goal has been completed.


3b. Programs

Purchase a new Math Curriculum K-7.

For this year the goal has been completed for grades K-4. Due to the cost involved with this purchase the remaining grades will receive the new curriculum one grade per year over the next three years. The goal has been completed as much as can be at this time.


4. Technology

Purchase document cameras and interactive white boards (4 per year) to go into the classes.

This goal is well under way with some of the technology already purchased. Additional purchases are yet to be made during the school year.



Find and purchase an accounting software program.

The Finance Committee has decided to address this goal in the next school year.


6. Spiritual

Put the testimonies of alumni and parents on the school website.

This goal is in progress, working out who will be responsible for this task and how it will be handled. It is hoped that testimonies will be on the website before June.


7a. Marketing/Development

To raise $200,000 through the Legacy Breakfast.

This goal is being worked on and will culminate with the breakfast in April.


7b. Marketing/Development

To find, evaluate and purchase a donor-based program that links to the accounting program in order to keep track of the donors.

Other tasks have been the focus of the committee but it is hoped to have some information before June.