BC Christian Academy

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Featured Board Member

Hilde JonesThis month we have the opportunity to interview one of our valuable board members – Board Treasurer Hilde Jones.  


1) What initially attracted you to becoming a board member?

My two grandchildren attend BCCA and I volunteer at the school.  I believe in the mission of BCCA.  I have been inspired by the 3 C’s called Community, Compassion and Christ, the schools motto.   I see that the school has a passion for Christ-centered, Bible-education. The students are taught by an all-Christian staff who model Christ in their actions by inspiration to the students to pursue spiritual, moral character, academics and athletics and services to others.  I truly feel blessed to be on a Board that is Christ centered.


2) What has been your most meaningful experience as a board member?

Engaging minds, nurturing hearts, God’s presence, prayer and patience and faith needed for the vision of the new school for BCCA. These are my most meaningful experience.


3) How would you encourage any parents whose children are currently students at BCCA?

At BCCA our motto comes from our 3C’s: Community, Compassion, and Christ.  The school works hard at putting together programs and events.  These events will provide opportunities for our families to get to know each other better and grow in compassion and love for one another, as Christ desires of us. As members we must be involved to ensure that BCCA is representative of our goals and beliefs for the future.


On behalf of the BCCA family we thank you Hilde for your loyal service!