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Prayer Items

25 years of God’s faithfulness at BCCA gives us many reasons to be thankful and many reasons to continue seeking the blessing of God for our school community.

As you have time this Fall – please remember these items in prayer.

* Pray for our students,

* that they would all know Jesus as their saviour and Lord,

* that they would grow in godly character this year,

* that they would persevere academically,

* that they would have soft hearts towards the Spirit and Word of God.

* Pray for our teachers,

* that they would have wisdom to teach, instruct and discipline their students well,

* that through them – the students would grow closer to Jesus,

* that they would have enough energy each day,

* that they would grow in their own faith.

* Pray for our support staff,

* that they would have strength and wisdom each day,

* that they would serve with glad hearts in the midst of the busy-ness of each day.

* that they would know the Lord more fully.

* Pray for our administrators and board members,

* that we would have wisdom to make wise decisions for the school in all things big and small.

* that we would be good stewards of the school and it’s resources according to God’s leading,

* that we would grow closer to God in our own faith.

* Pray for our families,

* that those who are not yet Christians would come to know the everlasting hope that is only found in Jesus,

* that those who are struggling with illness, financial turmoil, the need for employment or other stresses would turn to God for comfort and help.

* Pray for our school,

* that this would be a place where Jesus is honoured in all things,

* that our surrounding community would be blessed through us,

* that God would provide a permanent home for our school.

Another great idea is to pray for the staff by name – just visit this part of the website to see the full list

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