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As we start another school year, the Board of Directors have established the new goals for the pillars. This is done for each September and provides a focus for the year as the Directors work on achieving them during the year. A few of the goals have been carried over from last year since we were not able to complete them. Generally, we try not to have more than one or two goals per pillar so we are able to complete them.

You will note that the Facilities Pillar has numerous goals. We are working to have a meeting with SD 43 and we are hoping to come away from that meeting with a sense of direction that we will follow. It could go in a number of directions and that is the reason for the different goals we may have to try to achieve.


-It will depend on the meeting with the SD43 school board and what comes out of that meeting. What are they going to do with the Lincoln facility? Possible Goals which are conditional on their response:

1.Increase the length of the lease to 3 years.

2.Refurbish and maintain the facilities for better use and appearance.

3.Plan for adequate teaching space.

4.Negotiate an offer for purchasing the Lincoln property.

5.Plan for short and long term financing.

6.Create a business plan for purchasing the Lincoln property.


7.Look to purchase another property.


-Develop events throughout the school year that celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school.


-To complete the purchase of a new Math Curriculum for Gr. 4-7.

-Explore offsite possibilities for trades programs in High School. How to take this to the next level.


-Provide a PA system that will be in all rooms and portables.

-Provide laptops with batteries that will last an entire class for the Elementary classes.


-Find and purchase an accounting software program.


-That a time of worship be included in all school business meetings.


-To raise $200,000 through the 25th Anniversary Gala Event.

-Find more volunteers for the Sustainability Committee.

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