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Board Questions – Arlene Johnston

What initially attracted you to becoming a board member?

That’s actually a funny question to me as I wasn’t attracted or interested in becoming a board member. I’d been involved as a parent who served on committees in the school for 13 years and it was on the night of my son’s graduation that I was asked to serve on the board. My first answer was ‘no’. My second answer was ‘no thank you’ but the third time I said ‘no thank you but I’ll pray about it’. Guess God was directing me to become a board member but I wasn’t there yet. I didn’t think I had what it took to serve on the board. One day I heard a sermon on Joshua 3 where the priests had to take the ark to the edge of the Jordan. The river was at flood stage and those priests had to believe that what Joshua had told them would happen, was going to happen. They had to have faith in God that when they stepped into the rushing river, the water would stop flowing and they wouldn’t be taken under by the powerful pull of the river. As I read about their faith, I heard God say to me ‘trust Me. You can do this’. So with a little hesitation but a heart and mind full of trust in God, I accepted the position.

What has been your most meaningful experience as a board member?

For me there’s been more than one meaningful experience since I joined the board. First I’d have to say that working with a group of people who love the Lord and are passionate about the school just as much as I am, has been an incredible experience. Working along side of people who dedicate many hours to the betterment of the school without getting a paycheck has truly inspired me to want to do the best I can. Second, as a board member you get a chance see and hear what goes on behind the scenes. There’s a lot about the school that I didn’t know before serving on the board. The challenges that face our school because of our belief in God are really interesting. It made me realize how hard the previous board members sacrificed many, many hours and had way more challenges than I as a parent ever knew. So that leads me to the third meaningful experience, growing in my faith. I can honestly admit that I never thought that serving on the board would help me grow in my faith. However, there are big decisions sometimes that I don’t always know which way to vote on. Going to the Lord for direction and answers really allows me to trust Him. I can admit now, saying yes to serving on the board has truly been an incredible, meaningful experience.

How would you encourage any parents whose children are currently students at BCCA?

Get involved! Allow your children to see you serving the Lord and the school. Be a positive example of what it looks like to honor God with your talents. Encourage and pray for the teachers, students, other parents and the board members. As a parent whose son went to BCCA for 13 years, be encouraged that the foundation they receive will prepare them for what they choose to do when they leave. It’s not always what we may want for them but it will be what God has in store for them. They can’t be immersed daily in faith based studies and walk out of this school forgetting it.

Arlene Johnston


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