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March 22 – A Vancouver Province article (here) that explains the success of our two basketball programs.

March 12
For those that may not have heard the great news yet, our Senior Boys Basketball Team defeated Kelowna Christian School 68-63 in the BC Provincial Finals yesterday to finish 1st place in the province!!  What an incredible feat!

We had an amazing group of fans that came out…. it looked like 100s of you showed up to cheer the boys on.  It certainly helped the boys dig deep, as the game was a battle all the way through.  There were also many alumni and other past students present to watch this amazing event.
A school does not have many opportunities to successfully win a provincial title, as the competition gets very intense at the provincial tournament level.  Just to make it to the provincials is quite an honour.  Our senior boys basketball team has made it to the provincials 4 times in the past 5 years.  Finishing in the top 4 one other time.

The journey to develop our basketball program began 9 years ago when Mr. Doug Dowell and his wife Mrs. Heidi Dowell started to create a development program, which began in the intermediate grades.  A systematic process then began, with the goal of achieving a BC title within 7 years.  We did not quite reach that goal in 7 years but we did reach the provincial tournament level within a 5-year period after the planning process started, having the opportunity to win a title.  Without the Dowell’s vision and passion for our basketball program, we would not have a strong basketball program at BCCA.  Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs Dowell for your commitment to this task and your love for the sport!

In addition, we have been blessed with amazing coaches that have stepped into the position of coaching our Senior Boys Basketball team in the past couple of years, to allow Mr. Dowell to continue to grow the program/ training with students from the elementary level on up to the Varsity Team (by the way, it was so much fun seeing the Varsity Boys, and all the other student body members, on the floor behind the basket, going crazy, cheering our Panthers on…. you were amazing and we loved your spirit!!)  Head coach, Mr. Gib Hinz has now coached these boys for the past two years and assistant coach, Mr. Drew Slaght has joined him this year.  These two men have amazing basketball credentials, that would take too long in this email to list.   However, I will say that Mr. Gib Hinz has now become the most successful coach in winning the most provincial tournaments.  I believe he has now won 3 provincial titles in Saskatchewan and 5 in BC.  This ties him in BC with 3 other coaches (i believe) who have all won 5, but on a national level, it puts him in first place by winning a total of 8 provincial titles.  He is an amazing coach who gets the most out of his teams.  Well done Mr. Hinz!

I am a very strong believer that being a small school does not have to limit ones accomplishments.  With strong leadership and a passion by both our staff and students, our students can rise to be  strong contenders in any area, whether it be in sports, academics, fine arts, etc.   First, there must be a long-term plan put in place, then there must be a willingness  (which takes priority, determination and sacrifice) by our students, their parents, and the staff to follow the plan.  To reach excellence is not an easy thing, but it can be reached, even though we are a small school.  No, we cannot do everything, but we can focus on several areas and excel in them if we as a community are committed to it.

I am hoping that the Senior Boys Panthers Basketball Team victory this weekend will inspire our community to challenge themselves more to reach the desired goals that God has put into their hearts.

It is an outstanding accomplishment for our senior boys this weekend and will be something they will never forget.  But my prayer is that the journey will be remembered even more — their struggles, the times they wanted to give up but didn’t, the relationships they formed with their coaches and teammates, their parents that sacrificed so much time to drive them everywhere and were there to cheer them on, the devotional times they had with their coaches that directed them to their Creator and helped them understand that “so whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (I Cor. 10:31)

There was person sitting in the stands behind one of our parents this weekend and after the game she approached our parent and asked if she was part of the BCCA community.  Our parent said “yes”.  This person then went on to say that she was very impressed with how our boys conducted themselves on the court and were a testimony to the school’s crest they wore on their school uniform.  As the Head Principal of the school, nothing speaks louder to my heart than hearing that our community reflects Christ.  This will impact our world in a mightier way than just being excellent at a task.  May God continue to strengthen our community in this area so that we all can glorify God with the lives He has called us to live on this earth.

A fabulous weekend for BCCA!!  GO PANTHERS GO!!!

Mr. Ian Jarvie
Head Principal

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