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Since last January, the Board of Directors took a portion of each meeting to study the book, “Called to Serve – Creating and Nurturing the Effective Volunteer Board” by Max De Pree. It was most helpful in providing useful insights for our board members. In one part of the book, De Pree stressed the importance of a board to have active, advisory and reflective directors. Such directors add so much to a board.

As a group, board members are involved attending regular board meetings and other meetings to work on the pillars they are responsible for. They earnestly review reports to ensure the school is being faithful to its mission statement. Their activity may necessitate that directors attend some additional committee meetings. The role of a director is work, meaning that they are actively undertaking many responsibilities.

Directors also work in the role of advisors. They support, review and advise during any planning process and when considering potential decisions. In effect, they give counsel on many topics as decisions are worked through. In order to be effective advisors the directors seek information, by gathering research and outside opinions to ensure that the best decisions are made.

Another key aspect of board work is the role of reflection when conducting school business. In our fast paced life it can be difficult to find time to reflect and consider situations. If time is not taken to reflect on issues, things may be overlooked and the best decisions not made. As a board this is one area that we are working on to improve. When reflecting we are able to ask questions, analyze issues clearly and more closely and determine the best action to take. Reflection also aids the board in evaluating key programs, proposals and events. When one takes time to reflect, prayer can then be part of the process as we seek God’s council! Other possible solutions have a chance to surface as all angles are explored during reflection. More time must be given for reflection. De Pree mentioned in his book that the board he was on takes two meetings to consider financial decisions. They do not rush financial decisions! Since reading about that idea, the BCCA board has agreed to also take two meetings when making financial decisions to ensure the best possible decision. This is a positive step forward in serving the Society. Reflection and evaluation certainly go together and the board is carefully considering evaluation and how that will be done in the future as we contemplate opportunities and issues.

The goal of being active, being advisors and taking time to reflect is to function better as a board and serve the Society in the best manner possible.

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